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1. Are you taking medication but still struggling with mental health symptoms?
2. Have you wondered if medication would help but worry about side effects?
3. Would you like a fresh perspective on your diagnosis and your response to medication?
4. Are you concerned that you’re taking too many medications?
5. Are you frustrated with prescribers who work primarily from the medical model?

As a prescribing psychologist, I can help. I specialize in finding creative medication solutions for clients whose illness seems resistant to medications, and for those with complex mental health difficulties.

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When prescribing, I combine my expertise as a mental health diagnostician and therapist with my extensive understanding of psychiatric medications and how they work. I am a “depth prescriber” and, in some ways, may approach treatment from a paradoxical position. My goal is to treat psychiatric symptoms to remission with medications, using the best of what the medical model offers in the process. However, psychiatric medications alone do not heal patients. Excessive reliance on the medical model can limit success and improvement. I feel it is important to approach medication management and treatment in the context of the whole person. Thus, when prescribing, I consider your physical health, emotional status, work in therapy, relationships, spiritual focus, behavioral patterns, eating and self-care habits, and all aspects of your life, for a holistic treatment perspective. In addition to medications, I consider supplements and other medical foods when designing your treatment program.

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    I can work with your current therapist to maximize your progress.

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    Together, we can improve your experience every day.

Caroline B Williams PhD PC

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  • 24 Years Mental Health Experience

    24 Years Mental Health Experience

Dr. Williams is currently providing telemedicine and face-to-face in office appointments.

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