Improve Your Mental Health

Are you struggling with mental health problems?

Has your treatment progress stalled lately?

Are you looking for a new approach?

Maybe a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective can help you move forward. Dr. Caroline Wiliams provides mental health diagnosis, psychological testing, and brief therapy for adults. She integrates her 27 years of experience with her training as a Medical Psychologist. She combines awareness of medical issues that can contribute to mental health difficulties with her assessment.

Once you know your diagnosis, Dr. Williams provides brief therapy to help you move forward. Her therapy style emphasizes problem-solving, a focus on the present and future, positive psychology, and cognitive approaches.

Improve your academic performance

Deepen your relationships

Understand yourself better

Improve your work success

Improve your physical health

Achieve your personal goals

Dr. Williams also provides forensic evaluations for adults in the court systems of Texas and New Mexico. Specialty areas include competency, sanity, mitigation, and psychological assessment for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment planning. For more information about this specialty, please contact the office manager by phone or email.

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    Boerne, Texas

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the Office of Dr. Caroline Williams

I provide psychological assessment and brief therapy for adults. My assessment style uses  a holistic perspective.  Together, we review your physical health, emotional status, previous mental health history and treatment, relationships, spirituality, behavioral patterns, diet, self-care habits, and more.  I love clearing psychological blocks to help you  become your best self.

My therapy style focuses on helping you to change thinking and behavior patterns. I hope to empower you to find your internal resources, skills and gifts that can lead you to a better place.

I am also licensed as a Medical Psychologist in New Mexico, and prescribed medication there for 13 years. That background helps me to understand current or past experience with mental health medications as part of assessment. It also helps me to consider your medical conditions and current physical health when reviewing your mental health difficulties. Let me help you improve your mental health and daily life.

Face-to-face visits are available in my office in Boerne, TX. Video visits are available for assessment and therapy in Texas and New Mexico. Some assessments may need in person contact.

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    I can support your current physician or psychiatrist to maximize your progress.

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    Together, we can improve your experience of every day.

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Practice Areas

  • Psychological Diagnosis

    Psychological and Forensic Assessment

  • Consultation

    Brief Therapy

  • Psychiatric Medication

    Psychiatric Medication Education

  • Teaching and Training

    Consultation, Supervision, and Training

  • 24 Years Mental Health Experience

    27 Years Mental Health Experience

Dr. Williams is currently providing video appointments and face-to-face in office appointments.

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