Services Provided

  1. Psychological assessment, diagnosis and clarification of treatment needs, with recommendations.
  2. Brief therapy with a cognitive, solution-focused perspective.
  3. Education regarding mental health medications.
  4. Supervision for mental health providers in training.
  5. Forensic psychological assessments for adults.


Dr. Williams does not accept health insurance. If your assessment is medically necessary and not associated with forensic issues, she can provide you with a superbill for requesting reimbursement from your insurance company.  Keep in mind that many insurance companies do not reimburse for out of network providers.

  • First 60 minute visit $200.
  • Additional contact hours for testing or therapy $150 per hour
  • Forensic fees: $300 per hour 

For non-forensic psychological testing: This type of assessment can last from 1 to 8 hours, and may be spread over multiple days. Testing hours include face-to-face time between you and Dr. Williams during test administration. In addition, one or more of the testing hours may cover the time that Dr. Williams spends scoring and interpreting the test data, and generating a report. You will not be present during these times. This is similar to a situation where a doctor may read your MRI and generate a diagnostic report. You receive a bill for that doctor’s time, but you do not ever meet with this doctor.

Dr. Williams recommends the minimal amount of testing that seems needed to fulfill the purpose listed above. Sometimes initial tests are inconclusive. If this occurs, additional testing may be needed.  If this situation arises, she will explain what else she recommends, and the additional costs associated with this before proceeding.

Payment Options

Payment options currently include credit cards and PayPal through this website.
You will receive written notice of all proposed treatments and associated costs ahead of time.

Additional Services


Supervision services are available for psychology doctoral or post-doctoral trainees and for other mental health trainees.

Forensic Services

Forensic specialty areas include competency, sanity, mitigation, and psychological assessment for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment planning. Dr. Williams has worked in forensic areas for 16 years. Populations served include pretrial defendants, those hospitalized for incompetency or sanity reasons, those on federal or state probation or parole, and incarcerated individuals. Please contact the office manager for information about these services.

Education and Training

Dr. Williams provides small group and individual consultation and education regarding mental health medications to various types of providers. She also teaches continuing education programs for mental health professionals, and teaches in post-doctoral master’s degree training programs for prescribing/medical psychologists. Please contact the office manager for information about these services.


New patients: Please contact the office by phone or email to discuss a new patient appointment.

Continuing Education Training
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